Pawsitively 4 Pink is a nonprofit organization that provides support for underserved women in Worcester County who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Founded in 2018, Pawsitively 4 Pink provides financial and emotional support to women of Worcester County who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to help alleviate  obstacles on their journey back to health and healing.

Many patients with this diagnosis are forced to stop living life in the usual way; living instead with chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, and CAT scans. This new world can be filled with anxiety, depression, and fear — emotions that are compounded by the inability to meet one’s own human needs. (Learn more about medication management for cancer patients and caretakers)

It is our mission to help support financially as many women as fiscally possible. In order to meet our mission and provide these  services in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.

Through partnerships and your donations, we provide indirect financial assistance grants for underserved local women with breast cancer that include expenses ranging from rent, utilities, childcare, or various other out-of-pocket costs that can be paid directly by the organization. And we really love dogs… who doesn’t?

Slide -Liz M. What an incredible gift and relief it has been to have your financial support! I am now able to pursue the treatment that is best for me, and I am profoundly grateful.